DIY Interchangeable Artwork for Under $20

DIY Interchangeable Artwork for Under $20

Ready to change out your artwork? This super easy and inexpensive DIY is just what you need!

DIY Interchangeable Artwork

I love all of the gorgeous artwork in the Studio McGee Collection for Target but the sizes of the pictures didn’t work with my space and since we still have lots of work left to do on the house, the decor budget is very tight…like $0 haha! 

I found this gorgeous print from North Prints on Etsy. It’s a TV art print but can be purchased in a wide range of printable sizes. This shop has tons of beautiful vintage printable images! I had such a hard time deciding on a print but eventually settled on this one…and maybe a few others too!

I have a huge collection of open back frames and this vintage gold one worked perfect! It’s a 16x20 size which fit into my awkward little wall space (more about that later).

I also purchased a foam poster board from Walmart for $0.85 and then headed to the Walgreen’s website to create the adhesive poster. You can edit the layout and sizing of the image and pickup same day in most locations. The adhesive poster in a 16x20 size is $30.99 but I found a coupon for 50% off! ALWAYS search for a coupon!! 

I simply cut the poster the same size as the print and then secured the poster to the foam board. The adhesive on the poster is more like a decal than actual glue or tape so it was very easy to reposition to get all of the air bubbles out and create a smooth look! The quality of the adhesive poster is amazing!!! It has a matte finish and a linen-like texture which gives it the authentic look and feel of a true art print! 

I secured the foam board to the frame using painter’s tape and hung it right up! The whole project took less than 10 min and gave me the look of a fine art print that I can easily change out with every season or decor theme! 

I posted a video of the process on my Instagram account @returninggrace if you’d like to see the process in action! 

DIY Interchangeable Artwork

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