DIY Terra Cotta Pumpkin Vase

DIY Terra Cotta Pumpkin Vase

Looking for an easy way to update your Fall decor with the look of custom handmade pottery? This Terra Cotta Pumpkin vase is a quick and inexpensive way to achieve that rustic handmade look on a budget!

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Vase

Terra Cotta and pumpkin vases were the big decor trends of last Fall so when thinking about my Fall decor for this year,  I knew I wanted to combine the two in a new and unique way! After going through all of my Fall decor I found a few left over paper mache pumpkins in my stash. The texture, size and style of the pumpkins was absolutely perfect for this project. 

Pumpkin vases add a rustic yet elegant seasonal touch while serving as a stunning centerpiece for your Fall gatherings. It’s so easy to see why these have become so popular in home decor! So let’s get starting making our Terra Cotta Pumpkin Vase masterpiece!

Terra Cotta Paper Mache Pumpkins

S U P P L I E S :

  • Paper Mache Pumpkin
  • Craft Paint (I used Plaid Apple Barrel Paint from Walmart in the colors Antique Parchment, Warm Buff, Brown Oxide, Country Gray)
  • Paint brushes
  • Kraft Paper to protect your work surface
  • Knife 
  • Assorted Florals (The majority of the florals are from Hobby Lobby with the exception of the neutral color hops from Target you can find here.)

Terra Cotta Paper Mache Pumpkin

P R O C E S S : 

Start by tracing an outline of the opening you want to cut out of the stem using a pen or pencil. 

Terra Cotta Paper Mache Pumpkin


Next, use a knife to cut out the stem.

Paper Mache pumpkin 

Paint a base coat in a light neutral tone. I used the color Parchment. 

Paper Mache Pumpkin


Add darker contrasting accent colors in the creases of the pumpkin and intermittently over the surface to add depth and dimension. 

Paper Mache Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin

Let the pumpkin dry overnight, until completely dry to the the touch. 

Finally, add assorted florals, branches and stems to really bring your vase to life!

Paper Mache Pumpkin vase


If you’d like to see a short video of the process on Instagram you can check it out here. I would love to see your pumpkin creations! Please tag me on social media or send me an email! Happy Pumpkin Painting friends!

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