Epoxy Countertops FAQs

Epoxy Countertops FAQs

When we initially began our complete home remodel and expansion, I knew the marble countertops I had always dreamed of would be way out of our budget. Wood was also a beautiful option that I’ve had before and I was content to keep the marble countertops on my wishlist. Knowing what I really wanted, my husband Skip began researching options and found Stone Coat Countertops White Marble Epoxy Kit…and the rest is history!

Epoxy Countertops

After living with our Epoxy countertops and dining table top for the past 2 years, I can truly say I have no regrets! The finish has been super durable and the results are truly stunning! This epoxy has fooled even the most discerning guests who truly cannot believe it isn’t natural stone. Once people find out that the countertops are epoxy, the questions usually begin in rapid fire! I’ve complied a list of the most frequently asked questions that should answer all of your epoxy wonderings.

Please note, this post is a discussion of my personal experience and process. I'm sharing my honest opinion and experiences with you for reference but please always refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.  

Does Epoxy Yellow? 

The short answer is yes. Over time, epoxy with a white undercoat will yellow which is why it’s so important to choose a quality brand like Stone Coat! What sets Stone Coat apart is the high quality UV resistant products used to prevent rapid yellowing. They even offer a special Art Coat and Ultimate Top Coat designed for this purpose. As I’ve mentioned previously, we have had our countertops for 2 years and table for about 1.5 years and both have aged without any yellowing. White marble epoxy kits are not recommended for outdoor use. 

Epoxy Countertops

Does the Finish Scratch or Burn?

I have treated these counter tops as I have all other countertops, with moderate care. I use cutting boards for food prep and and trivets for hot pots and pans straight from the oven and have not had any issues at all. According to the Stone Coat Website, the product is heat resistant up to 450 degrees.

As far as cleaning, Stone Coat does offer several cleaning products. For day to day cleaning, I have used my 2 ingredient nontoxic cleaner and haven’t had any issues! I also periodically use the the liquid smooth polish from Stone Coat which works great for keeping the countertops smooth and shiny. 

Epoxy Countertops

Has the Finish Stained?

Our kitchen is the heart of our home and I can promise you these countertops have been well used (abused!). Red wine, beets, tomato sauce, tea and coffee have all made their way onto the countertops without leaving their mark :) 

How Much Does It Cost? 

The one gallon White Marble Epoxy Kit is ~$120 which is far below the estimated $100 - $200 per square foot for marble! Accounting for wood and other supplies, my bathroom countertop project total was just below $200. 

Can You Apply the Epoxy Over Current Countertops or Bathtubs?

Yes!!! Stone Coat has several YouTube Videos and Blog posts with step by step instructions on how to apply over existing countertops and special kits for bathtubs. I haven’t used the tub kits but a shower is up next on our to-do list so stay tuned for that! You can read more about their shower and bathroom kits here.

Is It Hard to Do?

NOOOOO!!! My husband Skip did our kitchen countertops and he walked me through our most recent bathroom countertop project. The process is very straightforward and so easy that even I can do it...and you can too! 

Epoxy Countertops

Up next, I’m sharing a step by step of the epoxy countertop process from start to finish with detailed pictures and giving you all of the products, sources and details! (Update: You can click here to read the post). 

Hope that helps! When you give this a try, I’d love to see your epoxy projects! If you still have questions you can always reach me via the Contact Us Tab on our website with any questions you might have! 


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