5 Easy Tips for Coffee Table Styling

5 Easy Tips for Coffee Table Styling

Ready to decorate for Fall but not sure how to add Seaonal touches to your coffee table? I’m sharing all of my favorite coffee table styling tips!

Coffee tables are the perfect way to add coziness and seasonal touches to your home but when staring at a coffee table filled with remotes and magazines, it can get overwhelming knowing where to start! So I’m going to break down the process into 5 simple steps to help you achieve the perfect styled look!

1. Start with a clean slate by removing everything from your coffee table

Coffee table styling 

Decluttering and removing everything from the coffee table can help you start with a clean slate! Relocate things like magazines or remotes to baskets or other areas to keep the coffee table organized! 


2. Add a focal point

 Coffee Table Styling

A large vase with seasonal florals is the perfect focal point! For this arrangement I added Seasonal Faux Florals in a large white vase. I wanted to keep the look light and airy to complement the rest of the living room decor. For a more dramatic look, add a bold vase with a pop of color! 


3. Add books

Coffee Table Styling

Books add a cozy, welcoming vibe to your coffee table and are the perfect way to add height when styling decor. Neutral books are of course my favorite but you can add color books to fit your decor theme or as a way to introduce small pops of color.


4. Add Layers and vary heights

Coffee Table Styling

Layer textures by using baskets, decor beads, and incorporate at least one metallic element to add interest. For this styling I used a basket with cloche on top of the books to add height but the glass of the cloche gives it an airy feel. The metallic pumpkin ties in the gold jack-o-lanterns on the mantel to give the room a cohesive look. The large decorative bowl with the string of large wood beads adds more neutral texture and incorporates a round shape that mirrors the shape of the table. 

When deciding on height, think of a downward slope starting with the highest item on the coffee table sloping downward to the lowest, similar to the hypotenuse of a right triangle…see we’re finally using that geometry! Ha! 

Coffee Table Styling


5. Light a Cozy Seasonal Candle

No coffee table is complete without a seasonal candle! For this styling I used a pumpkin shaped dough bowl candle from Hive and Home. I am a huge fan of their refillable dough bowl candles and I love how it adds a rustic wood element! 

Coffee Table Styling 

I hope these tips were helpful and I’d love to see your coffee table if you try this out! I also have some social media posts about the process if you’d like to see more! You can see my Instagram reel here and a post of still pictures here. 

 Coffee Table Styling 

If you’d like to shop all of the decor I used in this Falloween Styling you can click the link here. 

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