Southern Apple Cider Sundae and Cider Bar Free Printable

Southern Apple Cider Sundae and Cider Bar Free Printable

Apple Cider Bars are a staple in many Fall festivities around the country but here in South Louisiana Cider Bars really aren’t “a thing”. After seeing everyone’s amazing Fall Cider Bars on social media I was determined to give one a try! So today I’m sharing some details of my Cider Bar with a Southern twist!

Southern Apple Cider Sundae and Cider Bar

I’m not sure if it’s climate or geographically related, but Apple Cider and Cider Bars are just not heard of here in South Louisiana. Since I love tablescapes and anything entertaining related, I was determined to try out a Cider Bar this year!

The weather is still extremely hot here (the high today was 89!) and I immediately knew I wanted to serve cold cider. Since my family and I have never had cider before, I wanted to think of a way that everyone would enjoy it. So thinking cool thoughts, I immediately thought there was no better way to enjoy cold cider than with ice cream and that’s when the Southern Apple Cider Sundae was born!

I started by adding a small amount of cold apple cider to the bottom of my vintage sundae glass then added a scoop (or two!) of vanilla ice cream. Next, I added some caramel and chocolate syrup and then added the southern staple, chopped pecans! Since we were outside and it was so hot, we ended up drinking them once the ice cream melted so paper straws would have been a great addition! 

Apple Cider Sundae


Some other things I learned about Cider Bars through the process are:

Serve a Delicious Cider that’s suited you and/or your guests

Apple Cider Bar

Cider is available in so many varieties including fermented (containing alcohol) and non-fermented Apple Cider. For my Apple Cider Bar I used a simple Apple and Cinnamon Cider that paired great with sweet treats!

Serve Sweet Treats with the Apple Cider

Apple Cider Bar

Apple Cider is delicious all by itself but it’s so much better when served with sweet treats such as donuts, muffins, bunt cakes and candied apples. I also added donut holes, Caramel candies and a peanut butter apple dip! 

Apple Cider Bar

Apple Cider Bar

Have a Variety of Toppings Available 

Apple Cider Bar

I used caramel & chocolate syrups along with pecans for the sundae toppings. Whipped cream, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice and chocolate chips would be great additions too! The possibilities are really endless so get creative with your toppings to correlate with your overall aesthetic and theme!

Add Fall Decor and Light Candles 

Apple Cider Bar

Adding Fall decor to the space sets the tone for a fun, festive experience! Pumpkins, leaves, Fall stems and floral arrangements are just a few ideas. You can personalize the decor to suit your Cider Bar theme by using neutrals or traditional Fall colors. Since it’s still warm here in South Louisiana, we still have lots of green around so I used natural branches and leaves from my yard together with a cozy neutral throw for the center of the table and my gold jack-o-lanterns from my mantel. I also added some candles for a little extra cozy! 

One of my favorite decor pieces in the Cider Bar is my Cider Bar Sign. I used my printable art hack (you can read about that here) to print this custom sign I designed and I’m sharing the design with you in a free printable! You can access the sign by clicking the link here. You can download it and resize in programs like photoshop, Canva or PicMonkey. 

Cider Bar Sign Printable

I’ve linked all of the supplies for the Cider Sundaes and Cider Bar here on my Like to Know It Account and I purchased all of the sweet treats and cider at Walmart conveniently on the grocery pickup! 

I have a few videos of the Apple Cider Bar on my Instagram account that you can watch here and here. I’d love to see your Apple Cider Bars! Please tag me on social media or send me an email. 

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