Transitioning Christmas Decor to Winter with Paper Bag Snowflakes

Transitioning Christmas Decor to Winter with Paper Bag Snowflakes


After all of the excitement of Christmas decorating I’m always at a loss in the few weeks after to know what to do with my decor…mostly because I’m not ready to say goodbye to the twinkling lights! So this year, I transitioned to a more neutral winter palette using simple and beautiful DIY paper snowflakes!


There are lots of tutorials for paper bag snowflakes out there in blog-land but I basically kept things small and simple using items I already had on-hand and I love the way they turned out! Last year I used lunch-sized paper bags for these but the snowflakes turned out HUGE! These mini size kraft paper bags are perfect for gift cards (which I give as gifts quite often!) so I always have some around. I just cut a simple point out on the bag then glued 6 bags together to make the medium sized snowflakes. I used the excess from the cut off of the bags to make the smaller snowflakes so I didn’t have any waste!! Super simple and basically free…best kind of decor right?!?

                                   Paper Bag Snowflake  

For the mantle, I left the same greenery garland and vintage brass candlesticks from the Christmas mantle and just added a few simple items like the white ceramic houses, gold mercury glass votives and my new gold lanterns from Target. I am in love with these lanterns so you’ll be seeing them quite often around here! 


Most of the mantle refresh was repurposed decor I’ve had for years, but I’ve linked some of the sources below! 

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